Asus Eee PC goes on Sale from 2nd Feb 08 in India

The ASUS Eee PC is going on sale in Chroma stores. Not sure when it will be launched in north India but finally they are launching it. I just got a mail today and as of now there is no mention of whats the magical figure they are expecting for the sub-laptop. The price point according to the so called speculation (the stock market is really having its effect on me) would be 13K-16K. In terms of looks the EEE PC looks a lot better than its rivals. Thought not the best looking thing but its still a lot better than its rivals.

If by some chance they set the price at 13K it will be a fitting reply to the HCL MiLeap X series laptop. The HCL MiLeap in my opinion looks fugly but then its my own personal opinion. It has a screen which is 7" but if you look at the extra border it will be almost as big as a 12-13" laptop which makes it a little impractical. Had apple designed such a product it would be 8" at max but thats another thing that it would cost at least 7-8 times more than this.

Lets see if the EEE PC actually makes an impact in India. The EEE PC makes sense as a second laptop, but it might just be hit with the first time users as well.

Now I need to find a contact in Mumbai who can courier this thing to me. But ASUS is also going to launch the 8" version of the EEE PC soon but I doubt it will be the one being launched in India. As of now there are no updates on the EEE PC India website. I am still not sure if I should wait for the launch on 8" version or just buy the 7" version.


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