Instant Communication - II

Anyhow since I've just posted the first version let me just give you a low down on the results of my social network test. All I was looking was how much effect does social networks have on my personal life. That is if I even have a personal life to talk of :), but then thats another story altogether. I had just thought that I would not check any of the following sites netvibes, techcrunch, digg, reddit, flickr, facebook, orkut and some more sites. I had also planned that I would not check my personal emails. But only after a day I thought I had to check my emails, I checked my emails and I had emails from orkut and facebook and ended up visiting the sites. I had also got a mail for some activity on flickr and I ended up visiting that site as well.

Guess I am addicted to these sites, that is not something very good. Though I just checked the sites once but I still feel I need a little more of a life to stay away from this so called virtual life. I still don't understand whats the unique pull that these sites have on individuals.


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