The season of a new beginning

I was out of town this weekend to get my driving license renewed. I went to Shimla on Sunday and caught up with my relatives and my cousins. I had planned to stay there for a day and it turned out that I had to stay back for 3 days. To top it all I was unable to get my license renewed so all was in vain but if nothing else I caught up with my cousins and also I got a brief vacation.

I might have to go back this weekend or maybe next week. I can see that the next few weeks are going to be hectic in more ways than one. Have to attend a few weddings in the next 2 weeks. They are people who I have grown up with and to see all of them settle down seems kind of intimidating. It almost feels like yesterday when we were in school or in college and today they are getting ready for a new beginning. Its at time like these when I really want to understand what I really want out of life.

Here is wishing for a great new beginning to my friends who are soon going to tie the knot. Will try and post some information as and when I attend the weddings. Weddings are not something I enjoy going to, but none the less its good to see people start a new life.


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