Blogging at a new address

I finally moved my blog to a new address The old address will automatically redirect you to the new address. So the only person who actually reads my blog can now change his/her bookmark. I wanted to change the address for a while but was a little worried about the google pagerank but I doubt it no longer makes sense to target it. In any case its a brave new attempt in loosing my page rank.

I will also try and revamp the look and feel of this site but not sure when that will happen. I have been trying to bring all my sites under one theme and merge them and make the whole structure a little more manageable.

The main site will have links to my "life" (of whatever little I have). Links to my profiles on all the so called Web 2.0 sites. I have a really neat plan to merge my complete online world under one domain. Lets see if I can get this done this month.


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