Getting down and dirty with Python

I have spent the better part of this weekend getting down and dirty with python. Also I found the GUI library I was looking for in venster. Last night I was reading about the different GUI GUI development options available for Python. There are the the usual libraries like wxPython, GTK, QT, Tk, FLTK, Swing, SWT, Swing and .net forms. All of them are good but the main problem with most of them is that they are huge and the others which are small don't look or feel native. Out of all of them I like SWT but then again if I am going to use SWT then why not just use Java.

Venster looks like a very good project but seems to be dead for the last 4 years and if I can get some time I might want to work on it. The library is tiny and does not add much weight to the over all deployment package.

But then again its still my second day and I've barely scratched the surface. The tutorial I was using was a little sketchy about classes in python so I still need another reference for classes in Python. So far I like the language, not sure till when this love will continue. The ease of use and the community behind the project is beyond what I've seen for other languages. I still have to look at the multi-threaded support in python. Like I said I am still stuck in the basics will need to get into the advanced topics before I go off to sleep today.


Ryan Ginstrom said…
I also think venster is a great library. The main problem right now is that its use of the COM libraries hasn't kept up with their evolution in python. Venster can do some really cool things with COM (like hosting a web browser), but that functionality needs updating to be used with modern versions of python. (However, there has been some activity in the sourceforge group lately) Good luck with your explorations -- python is a great language! :)

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