Let me decide what WFM

Its really rare to see anyone who can actually think out of the box without their fixed set of ideas. If a person knows a "x" language or technology making that person think beyond it seems like an effort. Specially when you look at technology of any kind we have the language nazi's who will make every effort to protect their language as if they would die without it. So lets take an example of a Java programmer programming in JavaScript he/she will try and make sure that JavaScript works and feels like Java. There is no harm in it as long as that is not being preached as the only way of working. I tend to do that a lot (program like "x" language in "y") but I will never say that this is the only way of doing it. It just WFM, and I tend to learn from looking at other peoples code and changing my practice whenever I see something that I feel is better.

Then we have the Mac, Linux and till a certain point Microsoft fanatics. They seem to have their fixed set of ideas and will leave no stone unturned in trying to teach the holy gospel. The Mac fanatic will not stop harping about how his/her Mac is the shiniest object on this planet and how they plan to donate a few thousand dollars to the Apple Foundation by buying more stuff from them. Then there are the Linux fanatics who cannot stop praising the good word of "Open Source" and how every line of code that is produced should be "Open Source" and how the latest version of Ubuntu is 100 times better than Vista or some such statement.

As for the MS fanatics I've not seen too many of them lately so cannot say much about them. Coming back to the topic when we move away from WFM to preaching that is when things become annoying. Unless someone really asks you for your expert advise please don't start up like a broken record. Let people decide what is right for them.


Anonymous said…
Great.... mmm i feel i am already known to such situations where WFM turns to Bug in some situations.. So dont worry WFM for someone can be bug for you too ;P... Happy Coding.... :)

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