Open Social Container and my first Facebook Application

Its the last day of my easter vacations and five days of good work. I had initially planned to go out somewhere for these holidays but as nothing really worked out I ended up staying at home. So instead of wasting my time sleeping and watching TV (which I still ended up doing) I thought of finishing my ever growing list of personal projects. But instead of starting work on one of the pending projects I ended up starting yet another project. I searched around for an open social container and I found one but it was in Java and since I don't have any server which would allow me to host the project I ended up working on my own open social container.

Well I worked on it for two days and it at least works with most of my samples I created for open social and also a few other gadgets. As of now its completely in JavaScript so in terms of security there is none to speak of, but by the end of it I did make a container and learned quite a lot. The code still looks way to hacked up to put online but I am not so sure anyone would even want to see the code in case you want leave a comment and I will clean up the code and put it up for download.

That was one part of my work the other thing I did was to find a way to run Open Social applications on facebook. Since I really did not have any idea I stared out with a application to host the comics I like If you see the latest version of the application its just a silly little iframe. I just did not have the time to learn and unlearn JS, SQL and XHTML for the sake of FBJS, FQL and FBML. Its simple to get but like I said I had no concrete application in mind so thankfully did not start with yet another project. Just tried to get the comics app running on facebook. In a weird way it does though it looks nothing like a facebook application but like anyone is ever going to use it. If you are looking out for a cool project why not make a bridge that allows you to run open social applications on facebook.

I would love to make such an application but given the fact I have so much on my plate I don't want to start with one unless someone wants to pay me for doing it. This also reminds me I need to complete my blogging application. I simply hate the blogger online editor.


Sameer said…
Hey hi, actually i had done an application for facebook last summer. It was for my internship at a Pune based company and was in ruby on rails. Yea learning fbml n all will take time. Have you seen the orkut social api? I guess most of that is in JS and that API is used by many open social API site (myspace etc.) So i guess that will be good for you. :)

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