There is always so much to learn

After every few years I feel I know everything there is to know but along comes something new and my myth is shattered and I come back down to earth. In most cases its not even something new just something I've never bothered to look but something which actually changes my perception. Most of the times I work on multiple projects at a time and in the end the result seems to be zero. There is always that one thing that seems to hold back the complete project. Be it something small or something really big. But there is something bigger than these projects that I seem to get out of these personal projects and that thing is experience. I end up learning things that I normally think I know or seem too trivial to learn.

This weekend I was working on CSS and trying to get a native look and feel on a web page. I searched all over the net. But in the end the whole information was sketchy at best. I ended up learning a lot and finally figured out how little I knew about the topic and how little information was available on this topic. I might write something about it if I get time as its quite possible more people are searching on the topic. With the CSS3 UI guidelines still a few light years or months away this topic is very sketchy. Every browser seems to have a different way to achieve the same thing. Finally I was able to reach my goal with the same thing working in almost every browser but by the end of it completing my small little project seems like such a big task.

If I try the current solution I would have to write a separate CSS file for each and every browser that I plan to support eventually. Not a very good solution but if nothing else it works. Sorry no real code in this post but I will try and post something soon. I hope I release my project so that you have a reference point to look at.


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