Can cellphones cause headaches?

Ever weekend whenever I would woke up I normally had a headache and I could not see any reason why I had it. This would normally stay with me for nearly the complete day and inadvertently my weekend would end up sleeping. The funny thing was that this never seemed to happen to me on weekdays.

The only reason I could see was that I slept late on weekends so possibly my sleeping for a longer time was 'causing it. Well coming back to the cellphone, I normally had it right next to my pillow when I sleep. I used it as an alarm and to see the time at night.

About two weeks back on the weekend I forgot to keep the phone next to me and also for some reason I had switched off the WiFi in my room. The next morning I woke up fresh and had no headache what so ever even thought I had slept till late. I tried the same thing next day and I was again fresh this time around, with no signs of a headache.

On Friday night this weekend I was expecting a call and I kept the phone next to my pillow. I never got the call but I had left it next to my pillow and when I woke up yesterday I had a headache all day long. So there is defiantly something to do with the phone. When I went off to sleep last night I made sure I had turned off the WiFi and kept the cell phone away from me. Today when I woke up there was no sign of a headache or the drowsiness which I felt yesterday.

This is no scientific study its just a very personal experience. Maybe one of you have experienced a similar thing, if you have do leave a comment.


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