Is piracy killing Vista?

Its been a while since I blogged, I was out of town last week and have been a little busy lately. Its just one of those spur of moment topics that comes up in my head. I think one of the reason why Vista is failing is 'cause of piracy. Not 'cause its being pirated but due to the lack of piracy :)

All of the older Microsoft products earlier were easy to pirate so not only legit users, but also users who did not pay could use them. But as Microsoft started adding more and more weird ways of copy protection the users who could easily pirate are unable to do so. Since there is low penetration in the legit world no one even bothers to pirate it. If nothing else Microsoft should remove the strict copy protection from Windows 7 and they will see a good enough reception, not only from the pirates but also legit users who in any case would pay for it.

Just read somewhere that they might be soon demoing windows 7, here is hoping that they remove the copy protection and also reduce the minimum requirements for the new OS if they really want to sell it.

As much as piracy is killing Microsoft its also the main reason why windows is the dominant OS today. If people who pirate move to Linux and Apple it will eventually kill Microsoft's core market.


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