Friday, June 06, 2008

Have been working for a change

A project I was working for the last 2 years is finally turning out to be something. The idea has gone through half a dozen different versions and variations but I think I finally like what its turned out to be. Still need a bit of work to make it beta. Even if no one else uses it I think it does have the features I have been missing on most search engines.

I started out with solving my own problem with searching and in the process have been able to work on tackling the search problem in a somewhat different manner. Given the fact that I don't have the resources or the skill to design a search engine I have tried to solve the problem with the existing search engines.

I will hopefully release it in the next few weeks. Still not sure how the reception of this product will be.


Unknown said...

Is it a new search engine or a userjs type of script to modify an existing search engine?

And why arent you allowing people to comment using their name and url?

~ Pallab (Indyan at myOpera)

VJ said...

I started with a comment and ended up with a post :)

As for allowing people to comment using name and url I had tinkered with the settings and screwed up. Have changed back the option to default.