Saturday, June 07, 2008

The mystery project and article

Yesterday I had written about the project that I have been working on weekends. Its not a new search engine but think of it more like sliced bread. Its still bread but just sliced.

A really simple idea that makes a lot of sense for me since I seem to use multiple search engines at a time. Actually more than what it is, I am trying out caching techniques and the site acts as the part of an article I am working on. Still not sure if I will ever be able to complete the article and release the project.

Had written part 1 of the article two years back Speed up your AJAX based webapps but was never able to complete part 2. And the only valid reason for not completing it is that I am plain lazy. And since this project is just a personal project it does not get a very high priority.

The project is trying to solve a problem that I seem to have everyday. The reason why it took me two freaking year was partly as I wrote my being lazy but also 'cause I was looking for a UI that really made sense. Also the scope and my perspective towards the problem kept changing.

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