Next best thing since sliced bread

This has been a quite month not blogged much but have been twitting quite a lot lately. My pet project is still not complete have a few good ideas that I want to put in before I launch an alpha release. There is still quite a bit of work that needs to be put in to make it a little more functional. Have started a new blog with the site but still nothing written there. Surprisingly this month has been hectic and I've not been able to work on any of the weekends.

The project seems stupid at most times but then again its taken me a little more than 2 years to get to where it is. Have worked with 10-15 concepts before deciding on it finally. Am still not sure if this is what I will release but till next time when I blog. Hopefully that post will be about the launch of an alpha that a few people might get to see.

Tomorrow I leave for Thailand and will be there for a week and lets hope I relax my mind and body and hopefully complete the project. Regarding the project its got a lot to do with search and would hopefully make it simple to search things online. Not sure how many people will use it but I sure miss a simple tool like this. Its not a search engine, just don't have the server resources as of now to make one.


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