Seth Godin the guru of marketing

Today evening I was listening to Seth Godin on YouTube. And most of what he said made sense and I got thinking about the thing about ideas. I've had various idea's at different stages of my life. Just that none of them get completed for one or the other reason and since most of them are personal tech projects. I would normally think of the technology and never really think much about marketing. That seems like the last thing on my mind. Technology is all about archiving something that others cannot even think about.

The other thing is trying to get everything right from the word go. In the effort to get everything right in the first version it never seems to get delivered. Most of the times the features seems to keep creeping up and the project never gets completed. I've seen this happen on most of my personal projects. Since I am the one to decide I keep adding more and more features and the final project never seems to get completed.


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