Saturday, November 22, 2008

Acer Aspire One finally working

Before leaving for Oslo I had updated my laptop and the update screwed up the WiFi drivers and it was impossible to get online. I had to completely reinstall everything. I ended up spending the whole night trying to fix it. If you want to use anything besides the default settings you need to know a few shortcuts Alt + F2 is a life saver to start with. This will popup the run dialog and you can start bash in a terminal and move forward from there.

Everything on Linux seems to be super sized. The default font size is 12px  nd that seems so weird. The next thing I do is do bring down the size to 8px and change the font to closely match Tahoma 8px. I am so used to it that anything other than this seems so ugly.

Also not to forget the command "xfce-setting-show" which will enable the menu when you right click on the desktop. It will give you a menu like the start menu. You can also add/remove programs in the setting menu.

For me the main application that I have to install is rdesktop which lets me remotely log into my main laptop and I can use the complete experience without carrying all the bulk with me.

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