Google Clean search without searchwiki results

If you want anonymous results from Google you can use this simple DNS hack to get the results from Google. Since you will never be logged in you will always get clean results and also no searchwiki results. Never realized how much cleaner the results are if you are not logged in.

To get the cleaner results add the engine to Opera, Firefox, IE and Google Chrome. Its just a DNS hack so you still get all the results from Google. But its all anonymous since you never log in. All the traffic is sent to Google but the cookies are not set as you can never log in so more or less you can be anonymous. Its still a hack so it can be turned off by Google anytime. But its good while it lasts. This is what you see once you use Google Clean. You are never logged in so the results are anonymous and you will never get any SearchWiki results. You can always go back with a single click incase you want the SearchWiki results.

Here is how you add it to Firefox.

  • The search box should be a little blue. You can click it.
  • Select Add "Google Clean" from the menu and you will be done. Next time you search it will be a little more anonymously.

Here is how you add it to IE

  • The search box should be orange.

  • Click the orange button and select "Google Clean" from the menu.

Here is how you add it to Opera

  • Right click this search box -->
    and select "Create Search" from the menu.
  • Click details and select the following options.

Here is how you add it to Google Chrome

  • Right click on the address bar and select "Edit search engines.."
  • Click on the Add button.
  • Add the following in the textboxes.
    Name : Google Clean
    Keyword : gc
    URL :

  • Select Google Clean and click Make Default

How is it being done?

There is no proxy or anything in between. The information is not being passed through my servers. My server cannot handle this much load. Its a simple DNS trick. directly points to So all the traffic goes to Google. But since the domain name looks different you are never logged in. You could very well use the IP address like and it would do the same thing. But since google servers will try and choose the servers nearest to you its best to use a domain name. The domain name gets resolved to and finally to the IP address.

So you can be rest assured that nothing ever passes through my servers. Even if I wanted to I don't think I would want to waste my bandwidth like this. The domain is just a CNAME for


Anonymous said…
Thanks for info. But you should also probably make a note for privacy that the search queries are being passed through your domain.
is there anyway so that the google server can be used?
VJ said…
Nothing is being passed through my servers. If you have a domain name you could add a sub domain with a CNAME to and it would also work. You can be rest assured that I cannot see anything. All the data is passed to the google servers.

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