Birthday blues and the year gone by....

Its almost like a birthday tradition for me now. This is the 4th year I will be posting on my birthday. I was going through the earlier b'day posts and I realized I always want to launch a project or a site on my b'day but something or the other comes up and it ends up getting delayed. This year no such promises just work and release things as and when it happens. The project is already delayed by 3 years. It just shows that I should focus on one project and not try to put my hand into 10 different things at once.

This year I want to take a long vacation and probably figure out things that have been going on in my mind for a while now. Lets see if I am able to take it. In the year gone by I achieved one major goal and that was to shed excess weight. I lost 10 Kgs but have gained 3 Kgs over the last 2 weeks :P, that still makes it 7 Kgs in an year. I now need a good fitness regime if I want to stay healthy.

The last 2 months have been full of ups and downs. Mostly in terms of health and fitness. I really need to keep up with my daily routines of walks and exercise.

I've just had loads of chocolate before I got back home and that seems to be working in keeping my mood good and calm. Will try to add and delete a few stuff from this post if I get some time today.


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