Two amazing movies after two amazing duds

I wish I could get back the time I spent in watching these movies. I could never expect a person like Aamir Khan to act in this good for nothing movie.
I generally don't watch too many movies but over the last 4 weeks have been out to watch a movie every weekend. I had a torturous time watching Ghajni and Chandni Chowk to China. CC2C would have to take the cake for the worst movie that any director could come up with. It was a torture to stay through the movie.

Last week I went out for Luck By Chance. Its an amazing movie with a really great concept. It really showed that there was a director who knew what she wanted and there was a script, which was lacking in CC2C. This weekend I went out for Dev D. I went out with the frame of mind that I would not like the movie but in the end I loved the movie. It was amazing to say the least.


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