Airtel 16Mbps for Impatient Ones

This advert can be the summed as the best in terms of making fun of the impatient ones. The new Airtel broadband is 16 Mbps but with a slight hitch. At Rs. 2999/- with a Data Transfer Limit of just 20 GB. Just listening to a few hours of music videos on Youtube should be enough to exhaust the limit in no time. Thinking of downloading torrents is something one should not even think about. Not sure who Airtel is targeting with this plan. If you bought this plan do leave a comment.


vivky said…
Yes Vivek, You are right. I also dropped my idea to buy this plan whn i come to knw that limit is just 20GB. At the speed of 16mbps 20 Gb is like "OOT KE MUH ME JEERA" they shud make it to unlimted or 50-100 GB at least
Webbie said…
@vovek same with reliance wireless broadband with 3.2 MBPS and 10 gb download limit :P ....

rather all these punch line should read

16 MBPS for the rich ones
VJ said…
I was going to write about the reliance broadband, these people seem to have changed the meaning of unlimited.

I got a call from the call center regarding an unlimited plan of 3.2 Mbps. I checked it online and it says *10 GB download limit.

Limit is the new definition of unlimited :)

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