Linpus Lite is a big FAIL on the desktop

I had bought an Acer AspireOne around 6 months back. I've used it for less than 3 months and the network drivers have been deleted like twice. And both the times the reason was a Live-Update. I went online and checked that the only way to bring back the thing to life was to reinstall everything. I want to believe that I know a thing or two about Linux, my first distro was Slackware in 1998. Its been a while and won't consider myself to be a linux noob. Given the fact that I know a thing of two about Linux and I was still frustrated. I could have spent 2-3 hours and somehow got the whole thing to life again, but I am just thinking about people who don't know thing about Linux.

For them its just an OS that runs and they don't even have to bother about it. But when you laptop stops working what do you do? This is a laptop without a CDROM drive and the only way to reinstall is to use the recovery DVD. I am just thinking about all the people who got the update around two days ago and who know the last thing about Linux. If I could get frustrated with it, I am so sure they will think twice before buying a laptop with Linux. Some people could argue that its not a more known brand of Linux. But given the fact that this is what this laptop came with for most people its not really a choice. And given a fact that how easy its to install an OS, almost as easy as getting a root canal done. Linux on the desktop is a big FAIL for me.

I use UBUNTU every now and then, I just installed portable UBUNTU but now all of a sudden all the files have gone missing. Its the second Linux FAIL for me.

UPDATE: I finally got Portable Ubuntu running and I have to say its amazing to say the least. Probably this is the only way I would ever use Ubuntu. Its like getting the best of both worlds.


Naren Blogs said…
hi on reading your blog i dont accept the facts that have been said by you about linux. i have linux with dual boot in my desktop and laptop (opensuse & ubuntu) and never had a single problem after i installed. i dont think the files would have gone, may be someone deleted.
VJ said…
I have updated the blog entry with links to the help forums. Its not always wise to blame the user. I use the netbook only for surfing and remote desktop. There is no way that I could have deleted any files, let alone move any files.

The main problem was the Live-Update that broke the network drivers. It happened in September and again in the April update.
smalldog said…
I had installed linux on two desktop and two notebook(notebook+netbook). They are all running without problem. I install ubuntu on two machines - one desktop & one notebook, another desktop running gentoo, and my netbook is preinstall with linpus. I had using redhat, fedora, slackware, suse and etc. To my person point of view, Linpus is the worse distribution. It provides no support at all.
According to you mention disappear of files. Do you ever try search on your disk around. Is it possible move to another place or deleted accidentally? Good luck
Unknown said…
this is a netbook. it has no cdrom drive. the operating system is in no way related to the use or function of a cdrom drive. so, stating that you'd have a hard time with linux without a cdrom seems a little dim. you'd have the same problem without a cdrom drive if you had windows. it breaks, too, and you'd still have no drive to assist you. granted, i choose to run windows xp on my netbook because it HAS to be compliant for my school work. i also bought an external USB cdrom drive so i can resinstall the OS if i have to. just saying.

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