Reorganising the blog

Lately I've been busy with fefoo and hardly have anytime to blog. I've been on twitter lately and you can read the latest twits on the sidebar. I also started a new blog with all the [FW]'s and funny stuff that I seem to get in mail @ Since I've completed the coding part on fefoo I will be working on the main site and try and integrate my digitial life in one place on Its been a long time coming and have been evading it since I've never had time to focus on it. It feels good that finally I have been able to finish work on fefoo and moving to comics.fefoo. It will be a place to read your favourite web comics. As of now it points to the page where I store a list of my favourite comics. But eventually it will point to and allow you to add and remove comics. Lets see when that finally comes up.


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