Finally finished off with

I have been planning to revamp the homepage for quite a while now. Finally I have been able to do something about it. I finished off the non-javascript part a week back. I was hoping to do a lot more with the JavaScript part but shelved any major plans for now. In the process I ended up with a leaner page, with less than 7KB of JavaScript. I was planning to use YUI but in the end got rid of it.

The JavaScript part is an add-on and even if you turn off javascript you should be able to see the complete content. I wanted to use JSON and get data from all possible places and show it on the homepage. The main problem with this approach is that the website becomes dependent on multiple sources. Incase flickr, blogger or twitter is down the page will take a long time to load. To get rid of the problem all the scripts are loaded after the page has loaded. Even if any of the scripts fail the page does not end up looking broken.


Pallab said…
Its a simple and no-nonsense layout. I like it. But the scrolling is awkward. The right pane shouldn't be scrollable. That doesn't feel right.

And added you on twitter :)

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