Google Wave makes fefoo look like a joke

Though there is no link between the two, but I am amazed at the amount of work that has gone in making Google Wave. It is a whole new way of working. The first time you look at it it seems really complicated but once you see the demo you see the real power of collaboration. Its wiki + email + forums + blog + .. nearly all the tools one uses for collaboration today.

If nothing else it will enable Google Apps to make inroads into the business community. Coming back to fefoo, the amount of work I've done almost feels comical in front of Google Wave. I am almost done with all the features now. I was working on a new feature for the last two weeks but had to drop it as I was unable to get a usable UI. I've tried many ways to implement it but nothing seems to fit in. I will probably move it to the next version.


Donna said…
Hey I love fefoo!

Imagine the amount of money and number of people that have gone into Google Wave development, whereas fefoo is just one person, you, right? I'm impressed with what you have done with fefoo.

Fefoo is clean, simple, minimalistic (yay!) and so powerful. But you don't need to sink a lot of time into figuring it out in order to use it. It's easy to use right off. If you want to spend a tiny bit of time and learn how to use the short codes they are still easy to use and powerful.

Thank you for creating fefoo!
VJ said…
Thanks for your feedback. I was feeling a little down today and it really pepped me up.

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