Windows based twitter client update

Its been two weeks since I started with it. Have not done any real programming lately just been busy with the UI of the application. Tested out the API's and they seem to work. Most of the ground work has been done. The basic prototyping is done and things seem to work. The best part is that till now the size of the final executable is less than 50 kilobytes.

Also have been looking at ways to make sure that the application auto updates with almost zero effort on the users part. For now I have decided to use the basic authentication instead of using oAuth. With oAuth it will be difficult to log into twitpic and These are two basic services that I want in the pre-alpha release.

The UI has been quite challenging. The main thing is that it should look and feel like a windows application while having all the features of the AIR based Twitter clients. This is important as most of the users are used to these applications.

Still quite a long way to go before I can release anything. Will hopefully put up some screenshots so that I can get some feedback on it before the pre-alpha release.


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