COMET for Chirp User Streams - II

After almost giving up I finally figured out a way to use the Chirp User Streams. Not the best way to use it but I guess it just might work. Create a XHR request and abort it ever other minute. It will complete the request and make a new request. Try and keep the connection alive. This is something that facebook does in its chat. Thought there the connection is aborted by the server.

In this case make sure that you abort and make the connection the very next second. It should be possible to use the same connection to reconnect to the server. But I have not tested it extensively to see how it will work in a real world situation.

For now it works and hopefully when I again get to work on it I will write something more about how I use the ChirpUserStreams.


John Kalucki said…
We cannot allow browsers to continuously disconnect and reconnect. If we detect this behavior, the user will automatically locked out for a period. You must establish and maintain the connection. Apparently there's a way to do this with a flash shim.

In the mean time, we're not supporting browsers on User Streams. Only desktop clients.

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