Force shoutcast server to send audio stream

This is something I had read about some 7 years back but had completely forgotten about it. Basically I was trying to get the audio stream from the shoutcast server in the browser.

If you open the shoutcast url in the browser you will get a html page and not the audio stream. To force the audio stream use;stream.mp3 the ;stream.mp3 in the end forces the server to send the audio stream. You don't even have to write ;stream.mp3 you just need to add a ; (semicolon) in the end.

Hopefully next time around I am looking for it. I can read it here. I was looking for this info an year back but wasted quite a bit of time but could not figure it out.


Anonymous said…
This method works with Firefox, Chrome & Opera but but for some reason IE and Safari will not open the url. (all on windows btw)

Do you know of any other way to force it?


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