Birthday blues and the year gone by..

Another year just went by and I never even realized it. This year was exciting and quite a bit happened. Moved to a new company and city. With each passing year I did have my share of birthday blues but this time I feel a lot more calmer. The title is there just to make it sound a little melodramatic and also keeping with the tradition of the birthday blogpost titles. In that sense this year I feel a lot more stable. I know where I am heading, though not sure when I will get there, but there is a plan.

This year saw a lot of ups and downs in terms of where I was heading. Finally moved to Bangalore which is the last thing I would have ever imagined. So far not really regretting the decision. In terms of blogging and tweeting did nothing amazing. None of my blogpost were on reddit, digg or slashdot (Since I did not write anything). I made nothing amazing in terms of s/w or released anything that would be noteworthy.

Actually there was one thing that I did release It was a weekend project and like one of my previous project was just something that I wanted. Nothing big or amazing. But just something that I was missing from reddit. It was not really a hit but neither was it a complete flop. I still use it and find it useful.

In terms of what all I missed in terms of deadlines. The next version of has been hanging on for a while now. So are the videos that will go with the release. All the other projects have also been delayed lately. It had a bit to do with my health and a lot to do with me being lazy.

There are a whole lot of things that I want to do this year. From making new theme for the blog and my websites to releasing the half finished projects. Lets see how far I get on those.


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