Birthday and the year gone by

Its been almost 2 years since I last posted anything here. But now if I ever go through my old posts I can re-live those moments. The past year has been good and stable. I've been off Facebook and most other social networks. Its not that I've deleted my accounts there but I log in there once in a while. I've removed all the apps from my phone so that I don't get any notifications. That has made a lot of change in the way I think. I am not constantly trying to go back there and like a post or read something interesting that is in my notifications. I just don't get any notifications that can get my attention. I wanted to make a Facebook De-Addiction extension but that's on the TODO list for now and ever. My time on twitter is not more than a minute every few days.

The growth on pics.fefoo has been quite a bit over the last few months and all thanks to the responsive style-sheet that I was able to add one of the weekends. Now half of the traffic is from Mobile and Tablet. While earlier it was 10% of the traffic. That has been a major jump.

I've been working from home for a really long time now. I don't think I remember how offices work any more. Working from home really gives you the flexibility to work but you also end up putting more hours at work than you would in a normal office so work-life balance can go for a toss at times. I have been trying to follow a routine but most of the times it just does not work that way.

As for personal projects I was only able to work on pics.fefoo the rest have been languishing for attention. I really hope I can get a few weekends to finish off the next version of as its a little too dated now and needs a major rewrite. I was able to give some time for myPublicDrive but its nowhere near completion and Google has already deprecated one of the most important piece of the puzzle so I have to think over it all over again to make it viable. But then again I only have that many free weekends. Here is hoping I can take out a day each weekend to work on these things and a lot more of my procrastinated projects.


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