Finally another release of AJAX Yahoo! Mail

I never thought there would be another release of AJAX Yahoo! Mail, but then again it will be there as long as Yahoo! does not release the new and improved version to all the lesser mortals :)

If you've not tried it till now do give it a try if you use firefox. In any case this one can act like a very good example of converting a Web 1.0 application to Web 2.0 without changing much on the server side. I have been writing an article about how I made this extension which you can use as a base for your own applications to convert them to the latest buzzword AJAX :)

For once I am writing an article which is longer than 10 pages so it will take time. And for once I am also proof reading it. Don't want too many mistakes in there. I will either post it here or on, in any case stay tuned and you can do so by subscribing to this blog.

I am trying to make it like a tutorial for AJAX plus also how it can help you to convert your already developed web applications.

[ Install AJAX Yahoo! Mail [0.6] ] [ Screenshots ] [ AJAX Yahoo! Mail Forum ]

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your YahooMail extension has become a part of my life!! thanx so much :)
Anonymous said…
thanks for dropping by! Great blog you got here, im tuned in! Keep rockin!
Anonymous said…
Please create a user javascript for Opera users too.

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