Yeh! Pepsi TV kya hai? / What is Pepsi TV?

Again this is not a tech post, its something I was trying to figure out since I saw the advert on TV. And finally I guess I got my answer on CNBC, "I guess" 'cause I don't think the host was too sure but anyhow, Pepsi is not really launching a new channel all they are doing is to promote Pepsi while you drink TV. So nothing earth shattering there, but lets see how that advert turns out to be.

The other advert on these days is the Marinda advert, "Mouth ka sahi use karo" or something like that. That advert is pathetic in every possible sense. It is one of the worst adverts I have seen on TV. It just shows the actor like he is an arrogant idiot too full of himself. I don't mean that the actor is arrogant but the advert just shows it that way.

With all these adverts I cannot forget the new Coke advert with Ashwariya Rai, I really don't get that advert. Atleast that advert is not targeted towards me or people whome I know. It looks like a cheap advert done by a good for nothing agency.

While I am at bashing the adverts I need to shift my focus to Channel [V], they started becoming desi a few years back. At first using third grade actors seemed funny but since the whole channel is being run by these guys, the channel has lost its sheen and are loosing badly to VH1. Instead of starting a new channel with the desi content they destroyed the content they were showing which was quite good. In a way Channel [V] has gone 10 steps backwards.


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