Future bazaar and the saga comes to an end

To get a better perspective of this post you would have to go through "Futurebazaar sucks big time" and Future bazaar sucks big time - II.

All's well that ends well or so I would want to believe. I have finally got the delivery of all the products, the wire in the photograph was delivered just minutes back. Though I have the products but I cannot help notice the quality of the products. This time future bazaar is not to be blamed. I always thought that HCL was selling Apple authorized products. I have the photograph of the original cable with the HCL cable. The HCL one looks cheap and really ugly. Though the products I have got were exactly the ones I had ordered but if I had a look at them in a brick and mortar store I doubt I would be tempted to buy them.

These ones look like a cheap rip off. Well they are cheap so cannot blame them. But still I expected a little more from HCL.

I also finally got the delivery of the Kingston 2GB Micro SD card. This time the lady from future bazaar who was dealing seemed really polite and without my mentioning the 2 GB Micro SD card she said it will be delivered. So in that sense I am satisfied with their service now. Guess I need to send back the SD card they had delivered earlier. That seems like an additional job but since they have kept their part of the bargain I think I need to send back the 2 GB SD Card.

But the big question will I buy online again?

I will look for the product in a brick and mortar store first, and if its available there I won't mind paying something extra from buying it from a store rather than wait endlessly for the product to be delivered. Only if you have the patience to waist endlessly or you feel you are getting a very good bargain buy online otherwise stick with the real stores for now.

UPDATE: Unfortunately this was not the end of my misery The saga of the iPod accessories by HCL

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