Future bazaar sucks big time - II

Continuing on with my woes with future bazaar I have still not received the goods. I am still waiting for the call they promised, but thankfully I got an email. I have changed the color to red to lay emphasis on the reason for delay.

Dear Vivek,
Greeting from Futurebazaar.com

This is with reference to your Order Number: ****** on www.futurebazaar.com.

We are sorry to inform you that due to certain unavoidable reasons there has been a delay from our end in dispatching the " HCL Nano Small FM Transmitter Mp3 Access "," HCL Iwoz( USB Cable) Mp3 Accessories "," HCL-Ipod Ear Phone I Bud Mp3 Accessories ".

However,we are making best possible effort to deliver the product at the earliest.

We regret the inconvenience caused to you in this regard and sincerely apologize for the same.

Assuring you of our best services.
Thank you again and enjoy shopping!
For help or information please contact us via phone or email.
We will typically respond within two working days.
Phone: (022) 40490490
Best Regards,
Team FutureBazaar

I am still not sure if this is a reason I should believe or there is something really sinister going on. I had called them up on Monday and the moment the guy picked up the phone he did not hear me out all he said was that all systems were down since Saturday :), and again this guy took my number but am still waiting for the call. Not sure when they will deliver the goods but next time you shop with future bazaar just keep this incident in mind. I was reading this comment somewhere, they really are a future bazaar, they send the products sometime in future, the delivery is never in the present.

UPDATE: Future bazaar and the saga comes to an end

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