Reflecting back on the year

Another year is coming to an end and the best thing to describe my state of mind right now is "LOST". With the Long road to ruin by Foo Fighters playing in the background its not really helping. The past 3+ years have been nothing short of a roller coaster ride. Am still not sure what I want to do and where I want to go in life. Most people seem to know and have a clear direction by this age but seems like I need a little more time to understand things in life.

I have learned a lot over the years yet there is something that I seem to be missing. I almost feel like the ranting swede (A character on Sheep In The Big City). But thats another post altogether. Coming back to the year gone by it been an interesting year, getting rid of the extra baggage I was carrying over the last few years. I know all this sounds cryptic but I really cannot help it. Hoping for a change and something new and interesting in the coming year.

Thinking of technology this year there were a lot of new buzzwords SilverLight, Adobe AIR, JavaFX, Google Gears, iPhone, gPhone (Android), Open Social etc. but nothing really good enough to hold anyones attention. Maybe except for iPhone the others created a buzz and kind of died down. Vista came in and could not conquer and not to be left behind Leopord had its own share of problems. In the end I would still put my money on Vista only if they can put into peoples head that you need the next generation hardware to run the OS. A lot seems to have happened in technology but it seems like we are going back in time rather than moving ahead. There was hardly anything new or interesting that I can remember this year for in terms of technology.

Personally in terms of technology one of my posts was on slashdot and this year unlike last year none of my posts were on digg or reddit. Have to start writing something interesting next year.

I will try and add more in this post but for now I am drawing an about:blank.


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