The new HCL MiLeap X/Y

I was really excited to hear about the new ultra portable laptops which HCL is coming up with. Now I have not been satisfied with the kind of products that HCL makes. But given the fact the EEE PC will take a while to launch in India I was really excited to hear about this news.

I was searching for a picture of the MiLeap and I came across this blog post where I saw these pictures. They really have the target audience as kids for the 14K laptops. I was hoping that it would look something like the palm folio. But if this is what it really looks like I would have second thoughts about buying it. I was so looking forward to buy a sub laptop.

The 29K laptop at least looks decent but given the price I would buy a full laptop rather than think of buying a sub laptop which seems underpowered. Now all I do is to wait for the launch of the EEE PC. Or the other better option is to just hope for a miracle that the final 14K product does not look like this picture.

UPDATE: While surfing I found a few pics of the Kohjinsha SH610 which looks really similar to the image on the blog. So there is still hope that the 14K model looks a little better than the one I saw on the blog.

UPDATE 2: The EEE PC will launch in India in January. No fixed dates I guess but I have my fingers crossed. More information on the official site. Just hoping that its the official site.

UPDATE 3: EEE PC launching in India on 2nd Feb

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Dervish said…
Did u see the new Macbook Air it is WOW!!!
VJ said…
My next post was going to be about if Mac made the MiLeap how would it be different. I know it would have the mac tax but other than that how would it look.
Anonymous said…
Vivek, as you rightly pointed out, the fully functional HCL laptop is actually close to Rs 30, while the 'low-cost laptop' at Rs 14k is really basic with flash memory (not sure if its over 4GB). Moreover, the Indian market has had a history of sticking with MS Windows OS, so it will be interesting to see the response to this user friendly Linux - is it also Xandros like in Asus EEE PC?
But one thing is sure, there will be newer low cost laptops with better functionality than this one. Its just a matter of 6-12 months.
In all - that's great news for the Indian consumer!
Anonymous said…
I am very new to the word flash memory. Am confused whether the mileap x (priced 14k) series will have a hard disk or not? If it will,Any guess's as to what would be the hard disk space?
VJ said…
I don't think it will have a hard disk. It will probably have a flash drive something like the OLPC. But I've not got the specs so far so its pure speculation on my part.
Anonymous said…
Thanx for replying .
Anonymous said…
HI all,
I bought the x series last week in New Delhi. I paid 16,500 as I had opted for one with a 30 GB hard-drive. The build quality is excellent for the price. And Ubuntu linux (which I used for the first time) is awesome, it reminds me a little bit of both windows xp and Mac OSX.
I admit it is a bit slow, but it's more than sufficient for basic internet, mail, multimedia and office work (it comes preinstalled with a lot of equivalent applications). The only thing I am worried about is support as I live in Auckland, but support in India shouldn't be a problem. Cheers.


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