Vivek sucks tops on google results

After all the ranting this was bound to happen, I wrote about how future bazaar sucks, airtel gprs sucked and a couple of other rants about products or services that were not up to what I expected them to be. I was going through Google analytics and wanted to know where the traffic was coming to my website. There were the usual search terms that are there normally but the one search term that really caught my eye was "vivek sucks".

I tried it on google and behold the first result was one of the posts on this blog. I could not help but laugh at the irony but I am still hoping it was some other Vivek that this person was searching. Meanwhile the search term "Vivek" which I have been trying to target for a while dropped to page 6 on google. I hope it comes up to the point of Vivek Sucks some day :)

So next time if you want to visit the blog and you don't rememeber the url to the blog just search for Vivek Sucks on google.


navjotpawera said…
Google for "navjot" ;)
VJ said…
Ahan! that is a decent place to be in.

Well am hoping for a miracle to get onto page 1.
Anonymous said…
Ah.. too much ranting is never good :P
Anonymous said…
that was me who simple search the block when i felt bore or when i thought how a person can spend that much of time for his detial like i ate this wear this so many .......
so plz dont mind
i think last 6 month i was not searching u becoz i was stuked in some imp work but todayagain i did the same :)

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