fefoo on the blogsphere this month

Its been one month since the launch of fefoo.com. Initially there was hardly any response. Then in the last 2 weeks it was featured on a few blogs in France and Italy and there was a huge inflow of people. That lasted for a week and now things are again cooling down. Initially no one understood the reason for using fefoo. But, once it was on a few famous blogs there were quite a few people who seemed interested and the traffic surged. Thanks to all these people who featured fefoo on their blogs. The list is in no particular order.

  1. FeFoo, a Fun New Way to Search the Web
  2. FeFoo Search – put your Firefox search box on steroids
  3. Fefoo, Google 2.0
  4. Fefoo, moteur de recherche tout-en-un
  5. Introducing fefoo, search made simple!
  6. Firefox awesome bar made even more awesomer with fefoo
  7. Fefoo multi search engine - Phil Bradley's weblog
  8. fefoo – not another search engine « (the) health informaticist
  9. fefoo – Best Multi Search Engine Tool
  10. fefoo - by Alan
  11. fefoo, 19 合一搜尋引擎
  12. Ricerche veloci e rapide con Fefoo
  13. Fefoo : le méta moteur complet
  14. Otro multibuscador para tenerlos todos a mano
  15. fefoo - knownbodies
  16. More Command-line for the Web with fefoo

Thank you for your support. In case I missed your blog post please add it in the comments.


Matt said…
Very glad to hear you are getting coverage - loving Fefoo, many thanks!
I recently did a writeup on fefoo on my blog... It is awesome! I hope it catches on and you continue with the development.

VJ said…
Thanks for the writeup :)

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