Twitter client for Windows

I have been searching for a good Twitter client for Windows for a couple of months now. All the Air apps just seem so bloated and the rest are made in .net which also seem to take some time to start. Keeping that in mind I've finally started off with a Twitter client for Windows. Not sure till when I will complete it or if I ever release it.

Was playing with Python, C and EzBasic last weekend. After making a prototype in Python finally decided on plain old C. The main goal of making the application is that it should be Win32 native application. Should be less than 500KB. When it runs should not consume insane amount of memory.

Just some goals to achieve if I finally continue with the project. Lets see if I can get something working this weekend. If you want to alpha or beta test it leave a comment and I will keep you posted.


Anonymous said…
Nice idea mate... how is it going?
im glad to test it if u need testers . ?
VJ said…
Its still in a very early phase. The API's seem to work. And as of now the final executable is less than 50 kilobytes. The UI is something that I am working on these days.

Once I get a working UI will release a pre-alpha version so that I can get some more input from real users.

Please leave your twitter id in the comments. Will send you a message once the pre-alpha version is ready.
Roberto said…
The entire network is full of AIR or .NET sh*** :)

I'm interested in your client for testing purposes or whatever.

My twitter id is: hylian

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