New beginnings

Over the last 3 years I've very rarely written about my work but I guess since its all behind me now I can talk about it. For the last 3 and half years I was working with Opera Software and in the coming days I will be leaving the job.

I have met some amazing people at Opera and have had a great time working with the people there. The people who worked in the India office have been really friendly and I have had a great time working with you guys.

Am still not sure what I will be doing next. I want to take a few months off and try to finish of my personal projects. I also want to learn something new and probably prepare for a new beginning.

I was going to write a post on my birthday but there was so much going on that I got little time to write anything. Over the last one year so many things have changed. Even though I loved working at Opera over the last few months I felt that my work had stagnated and I had reached a point where I had to move on.

Hopefully if I take the next few months off I will get more time to write posts. This time around I will be writing about all the new things that I come across and hopefully bring back this blog alive :P (Seems more like a dream but lets see....)


Vishal said…
yeah me too have enjoyed to fullest working with you and learning many unknow stuff from you..

You remains one of mine first and finest mentor in mine professional beggining :)

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