Who is Silky Kumar?

If Silky Kumar ever becomes a phenomena, I just hope he does not. But incase he does it would just go to prove that just about anything can be made famous if there is enough publicity. Even if the whole idea is crap, with the right PR and advertising anything can be made famous.

Here is the debut video of Silky Kumar. I am still hoping its a bad joke but then you never know. At first I thought Himesh Reshammiya and Rakhi Sawant were some kind of a joke but boy was I wrong or what.

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Anonymous said…
Silky kumar is an AXE Campaign - Read here = http://www.watblog.com/?content=detail&id=1018
Anonymous said…
Well, what do you know, Silky Kumar is already popular (at least to MTV viewers) here in the Philippines.

I didnt know until now that this was an Axe advert...

Still, it's a great marketing concept!

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