Sifting through my past

I was going through my past posts and it really feels strange reading the posts. Some of them seemed so funny and totally stupid to say the least. I was compiling the list of posts that get the maximum traffic from google. And the winners are..

  1. The best mobile development platform for hobbyist programmer
    After trying my hand at every possible mobile platform this was supposed to be a rant and unfortunately got featured on slashdot. This was a classic case of a stupid article getting attention. It was half written and there were a few things missing at the time it hit slashdot. I really wish I had completed it before it was on slashdot.

  2. Speed up your AJAX based webapps
    This one was written keeping in mind something new and happening and today nearly every webapp that I can think of follows it in some way or the other. If nothing else I did start something interesting. Till then none of the webapps were using these caching techniques. I really wish people followed the topic a little more closely anyhow part two of the article with an example is on the way.

  3. Run IE7 Beta 2 Standalone in 5 easy steps
    Wrote this one as an experiment as I hated using batch files. This article was featured on sitepoint and then it kind of became popular.

  4. Making a html page as googlepages homepage
    Everyone who knows html eventually wants to figure this one out once they start using googlepages. And being the top most on the search list does help.

  5. NuSoap with PHP5
    I wrote this when I was facing a problem in developing my project with JS based soap framework. The framework never got completed but this article made it somehow. Everyone who tries to use NuSoap with PHP5 faces this problem and lands on this page.

  6. Who is Silky Kumar?
    This post was a rant. But since I kind of posted it first this one made it to the top in the google search results.

  7. Future bazaar sucks big time
    These guys gave me a very hard time when I ordered my phone from them. Today if you search for them on google the 2nd or third result is this page. So in a way I just hope this just helps them in improving their service.

  8. Deltree in Windows XP
    A small little batch file that takes care of a very basic problem in Win XP.

If you search for my name "Vivek" I am somewhere on page 6. A few months back I was on page 3, I need to use something to get back my page rank. Its slipped from 6 to 4. I just cleaned up all the spam in the comments that could have 'caused this massive slide in the page rank.

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